atomic shares (stocks, US);
Atombrüter breeder pile;
Atomdeponie nuclear burial ground, nuclear waste dump;
Atomenergie atomic energy;
aus der Atomenergie aussteigen to phase out nuclear power plants;
Atomenergiebehörde Atomic Energy Authority (Br.);
Europäische Atomenergiegesellschaft (EAEG) European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM);
Atomforschung nuclear research;
Atomgarantieversprechen nuclear guarantee;
Atomgegner antinuclear protester;
Atomindustrie langsam herunterfahren to phase down nuclear industry;
Atomkraft atomic (nuclear) power;
Atomkraftwerk atomic power plant (station);
Atomkrieg radioactive warfare;
Atommeiler atomic pile;
Atommüll radioactive waste [material];
Atommüllbeseitigung nuclear waste disposal;
Atomreaktor nuclear[-power] reactor;
Atomschlagkraft nuclear capability;
Atomspaltung nuclear fission;
Atomwaffen, biologische und chemische Waffen ABC weapons

Business german-english dictionary. 2013.

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